Tattered Shreds

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Collage, assemblage, and the joy of the found object. RSS Feed what is XML?

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collage on furniture  topic
cutting paper  topic
Collaborative Collage Art Collective  topic
it's been almost a year  topic
new collage from blue spectral monkey  photo flag
love romance  review
Where do you find materials  topic
Leaving Montana  photo flag
The Love Letter  photo flag
yay for parasols!!  topic
Amber's Collage  photo flag
Most Welcome Sustanance  photo flag
Don't Wear Socks in Bed  photo flag
AsYouLikeItpost.JPG  photo flag
LOVE to LEARN to LOVE  photo flag
materials for the arts nyc  topic
workshop techniques  topic
A Collage A Day  topic
Pan's Labyrinth  review
collage for mom  photo flag
this is great  topic
Exchange of Shrines  topic
how can I start collage & cocoa club in my area?  topic
paper collages by blue spectral monkey  topic
VSA Virginia Call for Art  topic

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